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03.01.2021 : We have improved the usability of the live postcard designer. Now you can remember the pages of the site where you selected the text of the greeting, the background image, the main image for the card and the music. You can return to them by simply clicking on the corresponding button .

14.07.2020 : We have improved the live greeting card Builder! Now You can add emoticons in the text of the message 😊🐱👍. To do this, click the button .

15.05.2020 : We have added a site search. To search for a postcard or image click the button .

09.12.2019 : We have a big update! We have added online photo editor! Now you can create new pictures, add them to postcards, share pictures with friends and download them freely for yourself. You can upload your images and add them to the postcard.

12.09.2019 : Now you can use different fonts for text in your greeting card.

05.11.2018 : We have added a new feature. Now you can upload your pictures to use them in your greeting card.

02.01.2018 : We have added the ability to use your own voice to the card. Now you can create voice cards. The duration of voice messages to no more than 15 seconds. You can add a card to the music after your voice message. This function may not work in obsolete browsers and operating systems.

27.11.2017 : We have added the ability to use special text tokens. These tokens in the text of the card will be replaced by corresponding words or objects. For example, the token %person% is replaced with the name of the addressee. Token %from% will be replaced by the signature. The token %date% will be replaced by the current date view of this postcard.

23.06.2017 : We have good news! Now you can choose a ready-made postcard and immediately share it or send to friends. And you can now change it at will and create on its basis its a live card. Change of text, image, music, effects, and background as you want! Go to the finished greeting cards.

21.06.2017 : We have added a new opportunity! Now you can edit and change any ready live card or make it a brand new card. For this you can go to this page and enter in the upper field address cards.

10.06.2017 : We have added the ability to use a YouTube video as a background of live cards.

01.03.2017 : We have completely redesigned the website of live cards. Now to create a living postcard with your own hands, you can quickly and easily! Use any device - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

24.12.2016 : We have added the gallery background images. Now you have the opportunity to choose a beautiful background image for your live card from our large gallery.

23.11.2016 : We made a small change to the design for better comfort when working with mobile devices and tablets.

06.05.2016 : We have improved the stability of the site.

25.04.2016 : We have added a list of resources where you can find music for live cards.

22.04.2016 : We added the ability to select a background image from the external link. Now you can use as the background of any picture. The buttons turn on and off the sound on the live card now appear only if it contains music.

19.04.2016 : We have added a choice of cover greeting cards when it is published on social networks.

22.02.2016 : Now you can add a live postcard pictures from our gallery. Gallery is constantly updated with new images. Send us your pictures that you would like to add to the gallery.

25.01.2016 : Small corrections and additions in displaying living postcards

05.12.2015 : Add a button to turn on and turn off the sound on a living postcard

22.11.2015 : Now You have the ability to send live greeting card for their friends or themselves personally on the wall (Vkontakte

01.10.2015 : Changed selection menu images, translated into other languages

14.06.2015 : Added the ability to select photos from the social network Vkontakte (

09.03.2015 : Added the possibility to select as background music live cards of any audio file on the Internet (Link to the audio file must be straight, i.e. to end with ".mp3", ".ogg", ".mp4", ".wav" or ".opus"). Ongoing translation of the interface into other languages.

01.03.2015 : Now preserved line breaks in the text live cards

21.02.2015 : Added the possibility to select the picture quality for postcards of any image on the Internet (just type in the url of an image)

26.12.2014 : Change the text encoding of the message and header designer living cards (now all services must properly handle references to a card)

25.12.2014 : correct the text encoding designer living postcards

22.11.2014 : Changes in the interface designer living postcards for easier use

18.08.2014 : a Small display of the boundaries of the base image cards for better perception

14.12.2013 : Minor improvements in design, re-factoring of the script

29.12.2012 : Birthday of Live cards

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