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The website of live postcards is a unique project that allows you to easily and for free create and send live postcards to your family and friends. On the website, you can create your own unique live postcard or choose a postcard from a large number of options, and then send it directly to the recipient's phone or social networks. The postcard will look like a real one, because in addition to your message, we can add music, background, picture and special effects.

The website of live postcards is not only a way to congratulate on a holiday or just express your feelings, but also an opportunity to make an unusual gift. For example, you can send a postcard with wishes of health or good luck, as well as congratulations on a birthday or anniversary.

On the website of live postcards you will find not only traditional postcards, but also original greetings that will look unusual and interesting. For example, you can send a greeting card in the form of a musical message or a video card.

In addition, on the website of live postcards, you can make an individual postcard in a minute, which will be created especially for you and your loved one. You can choose a design, text, music and even add your own photos or drawings, as well as a voice message.

Live postcards are a great way to show attention and care for your loved ones. They will help to create a pleasant atmosphere and remind you how much you value your friends and family.